How to relieve sciatica nerve pain?

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December 21, 2017
What is sciatica pain?

Let’s start at the beginning… What exactly is sciatica pain? Well, it is pain that stems from the sciatic nerve. Usually this pain is felt down the leg. This type of pain can occur because of various different reasons. In most circumstances, the problem starts in the lower back or the hips. The nerve roots are located in these regions, in the lower spine, but they run down each leg to the foot. Usually, the pain is felt much worse and more prominently in the leg than the lower back or hips. Sciatica pain can be close to unbearable and extremely difficult to live with. It can truly affect one’s quality of life, and that is why we think it is so important for those who are suffering to find relief.

The first step is to visit a sciatica nerve pain doctor, who can properly diagnose the cause of your pain. Your doctor will want to diagnose the problem that is leading to this pain, so that he can better find a solution for the problem. From the diagnosis, your doctor will then be able to help you by providing ways to relieve your pain.

Why does sciatica pain occur?

The most common reason for sciatica pain, is from a slipped [herniated] disk within in the spine. Whenever the outer region of one of the disks between the vertebrae becomes weak or torn, the inner part of the disk can slip out, causing extreme pain and discomfort. This can then lead to a pinching of the sciatic nerve, leading to the symptoms of the intense pain one feels down one of their legs.

How can one relieve sciatica nerve pain?

After a proper diagnosis, your doctor will then want to come up with a plan to help you find relief from your sciatica nerve pain. While some cases will require measures such as being prescribed muscle relaxers, other cases will be able to find relief in more natural remedies such as stretches, exercises, yoga, and massage therapy. Usually, it is always best to try and fix the problem with more natural methods, but there are situations where these natural and non-invasive measures just aren’t enough.

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